Friday, December 31, 2010

A Christmas Miracle, via Smoke Signals

Marina Grande, Capri
16x20, oil on panel
Surprise! This is a Christmas commission I've been working on and I have loved it! It's based on a photo a darling young couple took on their honeymoon and, of course, that made my work even more fun and meaningful. On top of that, I have wonderful memories of two great trips I've made to Capri and, drumroll please, my precious young collectors welcomed their first child this week! A beautiful, healthy baby girl named Chloe. A Christmas miracle, indeed. Isn't that just the best way to end the year?

Thanks and blessings to my friends, followers, and collectors. I constantly ponder how fortunate I am to be surrounded by a group so admirable and loving. The very best wishes for 2011.

On another note, both my computer and I are under the weather so we're lucky to just be sending up smoke signals over here. Please forgive if I'm not painting, returning emails, etc. I hope we're both back on our feet quickly. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa in Art - Or Is It Illustration?

Mr. Claus after Mr. Sundblom
8x8, on panel
I am most inspired by that which surrounds me and right now it's tinsel and peppermint sticks and twinkling lights. Norman Rockwell has always been a personal favorite and, during these holidaze, I'm thinking about some of his contemporaries who painted Santas. Especially Alan Stephens Foster and Haddon H. Sundblom. Foster completed more than thirty Saturday Evening Post covers during the 20s and 30s; Sundblom, of course, created hundreds of Coca-Cola ads and is credited for capturing, visually, the world's most enduring persona of Santa Claus.

I read one time - and I'm paraphrasing here - that illustration is art at work. Without diving too deeply into the hot chocolate debate of art vs. illustration, it is facinating to study these beautifully rendered faces out of their advertising context. The book, Dream of Santa, Haddon Sundblom's Vision, published by Staples & Charles, offers a great history on the evolution of Santa in art.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Friend in the Studio

Great Hair Day
6x6, oil on panel
email for info
Another in the Little Women series. You can click on the label below to see more of these 6x6 girls. Thanks to everyone for the comments - I'm so lucky to be in this community.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh My Gosh, I Forgot to Brag

Homegrown Lemonade
12x12 12x12

These two still lifes were juried into a local Christmas tradition - the 12Buy12 show at Austin ArtSpace. There is always an interesting and eclectic collection and the show runs through mid-December. Stop by if you have the opportunity. Now, I'm off to shop - wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Every One Can't Be a Winner

8x8, oil on panel
Another sketch from the Jurick workshop. I saw this pooch romping around the Hilton Head beach - he was happy and funny. The painting? Well... let's just say I don't believe I did him justice. Aptly named effort, me thinks.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catching Up: Karin Jurick Workshop

With all the feasting and football (Sharkboy's team made it to the State Semi-finals!), I'm way behind on posting. This little sketch is from the Karin Jurick workshop - on Day #1 we watched her demo the photo, on Day #2 we all painted it, and on Day #3 we visited Morris & Whiteside Gallery and got to see Karin's original version. It was facinating to see some 20 different versions - proof positive that we all interpret schenes in unique ways. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beauty Cat Moves to Wall Street

Beauty Cat arrived to her new New York City home late last week - I hope her owner loves looking at her half as much as I loved making her. She's 11x14ish and among the treasures in her Marie-Antoinette-channeling skirt there are yellowed pages from a 1947 edition of The American Everyday Dictionary and snippets of grandmother's doilies. What fun! In other news, my box of painting supplies and fresh apple butter finally arrived from South Carolina. I'm amazed at how many beautiful fall-colored leaves stowed away for the trip to Texas. Busy unpacking and so anxious to be back in the studio!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Party Pics

I'm walking on clouds. The Art Party was terrific - lots of old friends, new friends, and great energy. My hostesses should teach an artist's workshop on 'how to host an art open house.' Truly, every detail was perfect and that led to laughter, enthusiasm, and brisk sales. The art was arranged in one large room; the oil paintings were placed on walls and integrated into library shelves while the collages were hung together on a set of beautiful folding doors. Of course, my friend's home is so lovely and that helped my art to sparkle. I had to snap some photos to show you before guests arrived. Of course, the photo we forgot to take: one of my hostesses. Sigh. Thanks to them and their husbands, my twisted sisters who turned out en masse, all my new collectors, Mr. Right and our kiddos.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Looking Forward to Tomorrow!

It's almost art party time. I had such fun yesterday delivering more than 30 paintings and collages, getting to see the beautiful preparations being made and hearing about folks who will be there. I am blessed to be honored by these wonderful friends and this is going to be a F-U-N party!!

Be sure to click over to Karin Jurick's blog and see her rendition of last week's workshop. She did a great job with her words and photos. My box of paintings and art supplies still hasn't arrived from Hilton Head. But I'm not nervous. Really.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Karin Jurick Workshop

I'm home and what a grand time I've had. Ten autumn days is well spent painting and road-tripping in the Low Country region of our nation. The Karin Jurick workshop in Hilton Head was very, very good - she is so willing to share her wisdom and it is truly a privilege to watch her paint. My classmates were a talented and fun group - we laughed and ate and commiserated. I learned so much from them and, by mid-week, we were a happy and cohesive little band of compatriots. An evening spent with Ben Whiteside at the Morris & Whiteside Galleries was very memorable. All due in part to Karin's easy manner - her artistic passion and compassion. I am hopeful for an alumni reunion! The paintings I did there + all my supplies are still in the capable hands of UPS - stay tuned. Meanwhile, pictures of our studio space at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina and one of Karin's demos - amazing!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Karin Jurick Workshop and Party Prep

Bathing Beauty
16x20, oil on panel

You may recognize this precious child - click here to see where I've painted her before. It was so difficult for me to not dwell on her beautiful curls: "put down that brush - this is where we get into trouble." This painting will be framed to go to the upcoming Art Party. It has been such an exciting week as we've continued to do party prep!
Another bit of great news - I'm leaving this week to play for a few days in Georgia and So. Carolina before attending Karin Jurick's workshop at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina in Hilton Head next week. I cannot wait to soak up all this gifted artist has to teach - can you imagine how lucky I feel? I shipped my paints and brushes today and this will be a technology-free vacation: no blogging, no email. Just watching, listening, learning, painting. [OK, probably a teensy-tiny little pinch of eating, drinking, laughing, beach walking] Apologies if this is an inconvenience for anyone - I'll be back November 8, just in time for the party November 11. Thank you to Mr. Right, our kids, and all our friends who are pitch-hitting.

Friday, October 15, 2010

We've Been Invited to a Party!

"she said what?"
6x6, oil on panel
Fall weather has arrived in central Texas. It got here yesterday and will probably be gone by Monday but, while it's here, it is glorious. Friday-night-football-not-in-shorts weather. Dust-off-the-soup-recipes weather. Open-the-studio-windows-and-let-the-cool-breezes-blow weather. Deee-lightful!
In other (exciting!) news, we - my work and I - have been invited to an art party that two darling twisted sisters are hosting next month. The studio is all a-bustle as paintings and frames are paired, primping and polishing as we go. My friends have convinced me to bring some of the collages I've made recently. I always think of the collages as my folly -- they are silly, quirky, sometimes sentimental, and pure playtime for me. But, I was approached recently to sell a few, got a commission for another, and these friends love them too and want them to come out of hiding. So the collages are getting dressed up for the party as well! Woo-hoo!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Beach Paintings from Port Aransas

Still Catchin' Rays: Trading Spaces
12x12, oil on panel
$240, email for more info
I spied this young couple twice: the first view was the previous post. The second time, she had taken the lounge chair and he was sitting up, watching waves. These two paintings look great side-by-side. I love the challenge of portraying same people/same place/different time/different light.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's the Little Things I Love

Catchin' Rays
12x12, oil on panel
$240, email for more info!
Truth be told, I added the yellow stripe to his bathing suit just so I could paint its reflection. Double-click on the painting to see a larger view!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Women Revival

I Spy
6x6, oil on panel
Is there anyone left on the planet not following - and being inspired by - Karin Jurick's latest project BUST-ed? Click here to check it out. Wow. And so it was that, in the midst of other [more important?] things, I was compelled to resume my Little Women series - click here and here and here to see a few of my old favs. I love painting faces.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sand Box
6x6, oil on panel
$90, email for info
Wouldn't it be fun to escape to this little beach bungalow? Would it be greedy of me to 'call' that room across the front with all the windows for an art studio?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Old Man by the Sea

Catch of the Day
11x14, oil on panel
email for info
Meet Walt. At the Port Aransas pier walking distance from our house, Walt was the first to wet a hook in the mornings and the last to leave. In a long line of fishing poles, he was about the only angler consistently catching. Lots of experience. So, no surprise, our 13-yr-old Lavagirl made fast friends with crusty 'ole Walt - that's where the action was. And from there on out, everytime he got a nibble, he'd yell out her name and she'd go running and Walt would let her reel that fish in. It was a great show for Mr. Right and me to watch in the mornings with our coffee or late in the evenings after dinner.
Just so you don't think I've been slacking, it seems everything I'm working on right now (paintings and collages) is either a commission - gulp - or a surprise for someone. So, if I showed you, I'd have to kill you. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Port Aransas, Norman Rockwell, and Museum Blogs

Sometimes Island
12x12, oil on panel
Another young neighbor from the Port Aransas beach this summer. Now that Sharkboy and Lavagirl are back in school I look forward to returning to that vacation, via my camera and easel. I find the study of artists and their use of photography to be facinating and have been reading about Norman Rockwell lately - a brilliant photographer. If you're interested, I highly recommend Ron Schick's book Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera. And of course the highly-touted Rockwell exhibit, Telling Stories, from the collections of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg currently at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Click here for a link to the podcast about the exhibit and here for the SAAM blog, Eye Level. Hmmmmm..., how to work Washington D.C. and Stockbridge, Mass. (the NR Museum) into college visits this year....

PS. Don't you just love museum blogs, BTW? A few of my favs: Face to Face (National Portrait Gallery), Inside/Out (MOMA), and Uncrated (Dallas Museum of Art). One I'm just starting to look at: The Jewish Museum in NYC. What are your favorites?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cowboys on the Beach: Only in Texas

Rodeo Surfin'
11x14, oil on panel
The great portrait artist Chris Saper is an idol of mine and I used her color theory for these boys. The challenge was their widely varied skin tones and I really wanted to describe them (and their difference) well. If you could see the painting in person -- it truly glows. I was honored to have a valued collector visit the studio this week and bring friends and commissions - Yippee!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Beachy Chic, Loads of Potential

Anchor Courts No. 3
8x8, oil on panel
First, let me apologize for the glare on this photo. I've tried to correct it - using both natural solutions (different location, different days) and unnatural ones (Photoshop) but there's just no hope for it.
Found this spot on an early morning ride around Port Aransas. There are 10 little, brightly-colored bungalows at the Anchor Courts - the property is for sale and we would call it...hmmm.... a fixer-upper. It could be a very retro-charming family compound. I call the pink bungalow for living and this turquoise one for my studio. This painting is going to the ARC of the Capital Area's 10th Annual Building Bridges Art Auction in October. I'm happy to be included in such a worthy cause - click here or here for more info.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lazy Days in Port Aransas

Little Mermaid
12x12, oil on panel
Happy Summer to all! How lucky our family was to plop down on the Port Aransas beach one day recently next to the family of this precious little girl. She was soooo busy, with all her buckets and cups and shovels - she entertained us for hours. Simply put, I'm enchanted by beach light and reflections.

Friday, July 9, 2010

First Ones on the Beach

Early Risers
18x18, oil on panel
email for info
Another title might be 1,000 Not-So-Easy Pieces. These blue lounge chairs are "standard issue" at many Mexican beach resorts and, over the years, they have intrigued me artistically. I've tried pencil, ink, watercolor, and now oil. Plus, I've really been wanting to work in this larger format and get out of the alla prima work habit a bit. Fun, fun.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cutting, Pasting, and Holding My Breath

A sweet, young friend was critically injured in an accident last week and I just didn't have the focus to paint. So instead, I've been working in my collage book - a favorite creative outlet that can be easily parsed out in 10-minute sound bites. My rotating collection of ephemera is probably 20 years old and rarely does a sketchbook or Moleskin [or grocery list?] escape my glue stick, much less this devoted book. I am inspired by artists and images everywhere and constantly poke new scraps and ideas into the file. Confession: I am that person who tears half a page from an old magazine in the dentist's waiting room and I often carry UHU in my purse.

UT art professor and artist Kenneth Hale lectured recently in conjunction with the Matisse as Printmaker exhibit at the Blanton Museum . A very casual speaker, Hale gave a description of the process all artists engage in- regardless of era, medium, or subject - that stuck with me, "Well, first we do something. Then we do something to that. Then we do something to that."
Our young friend is improving - another friend called it 'the miracle of prayer, intention, and outstanding medical care.' Whew.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Teachers are Special People

Oceanography 101
11x14, oil on panel
$250, email for info
(doubleclick to see it bigger!)
I spied on these school kids for the better part of an hour. It was a pleasure to watch their teacher who had such a way with them. She was young but clearly respected; serious, playful, and very determined as she sheparded her flock of 20+ students through the lesson plan. I wondered how you would keep a group of adolescents on task at such a beautiful beach. What a classroom!
Speaking of talented teachers: I highly recommend master artist Scott Burdick's video "Painting a Figure." I rented it from Smartflix and have watched it a couple of times this week. It is the demo he did at a Weekend with the Masters workshop, is almost 2 hours long, and exceeds every expectation.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not Exactly June Cleaver

First, I overslept. Then, very quickly, I was inspired. But more about that in a minute.

In my fancy-pants outdoor photography studio, the light is... shall we say... illusive. Translation: there's a skinny 15-minute window in the morning and 15 in the afternoon when conditions are right for the perfect photo. My intention this morning was to wake up, run out, snap a recent painting, quickly write something dazzling, get it up on the blog, clean the kitchen, bring in the paper, feed the dog, and make the coffee - all before Mr. Right (who is a brilliant father, BTW) rises on Father's Day. Hmmmm...

Instead, I overslept. Missed the light. Took some overly-glaring photos. But didn't know that until I sat down at the computer where I was immediately inspired to do something entirely different (again, more later). Blazed into the kitchen and roughly doubled the beans needed to brew the perfect pot. Now very awake, I started on the inspiration which took me back out to the garden. Moving furniture - did I mention I am still in my nightgown? - when Mr. Right peeked his head around a corner and said, "Hon, are you out here? What are you doing?" Not exactly the perfect-little-wife-on-Father's-Day-morning I imagined. Ah well...

Okay, the inspiration. For... ever... I have gift-wrapped my paintings when they sold, whether for delivery or shipping. The very least I can do for my cherished collectors. But I never thought to tell you that. Duh. So, bright and early, and conveniently having a few ready-to-go packages in the studio, I...well...see paragraph above. The cropped-and-posed photo is posted in the column on the left but the this-is-what-life-is-really-like photo is above. Carmen Gardenia, our garden muse, even snuck into this shot. I made her from a ten-dollar cookie jar... but that's another story.

Big thanks to Leslie Saeta and Dreama Tolle Perry who inspired me this morning, as they do many mornings. I promise to get a better photo of the painting and get it posted quickly - I like it alot. And Happy Father's Day to all.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beach Paintings: My Perpetual, Virtual Vacation

And Then He Said...
11x14, oil on panel
Another image from Playa del Carmen. The light in that part of the world is captivating - like a subject all its own - and I had such fun trying to capture it. I drew the girls in my sketchbook a half dozen times before I picked up a brush and, no surprise, I think it really helped. I became aware of nuances - like the negative shapes - and worked to keep them interesting. Also, I tried to do more drawing than painting with the paint... does that make sense? I'm loving the cadmium orange ground; it warms the skin tones and really pops when it peeks through the sand and water.

Monday, June 14, 2010


8x8, oil on panel
$115, email for info
After my last post, though I really didn't mean to brag or gloat, I seem to have jinxed myself and forgotten everything I thought I ever knew about painting. Actually, drawing to be more specific. I've attempted to paint almost every day this week but couldn't draw a stick figure. Much less anything I'd dare show you. Jinxed.
I read somewhere that the great artist/teacher Quang Ho says, throughout all the classes and workshops he has taught, the number one problem plaguing art students is drawing. And the number two problem? Also drawing. So, it's back to the sketchbook I go, happily I must say. It's comforting.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Have I Mentioned That I Love to Paint?

The Groundskeeper
11x14, oil on panel
Hmm... how do I say this without sounding too... too? From the minute I saw this gentleman, high up in his palm tree, several weeks ago until this very moment, today, this painting has been pure pleasure for me. Mr. Right, the kiddos, and I made a quick trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico recently for the aforementioned family wedding. [Well, naturally, I just must add here that our niece was the most enchanting bride ever to marry on that beautiful stretch of beach and we had such fun at her wedding.]
Between festivities, I spied this gardener and was instantly inspired. That feeling -- you know the one I mean -- stayed with me across borders and through time and the colors simply flowed onto the canvas and the whole time I knew, this is exactly how I want to paint. He absolutely glows - no photo could do it justice - and I love his story now as much as I did when I first saw him. I promise I am not bragging - it may not look like much to you. But celebrate with me. Bliss following, indeed.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We're Cookin' on the Front Burner Today, Kids

Trail Boss
8x8, oil on panel
$115, email for info
This is one of my favorite cowgirl images - but, instead of pokin' cattle, this liddel lady herded kindergarteners. She was such fun to be around - very creative, long on costumes, and not afraid to wear them. And, in Texas-speak, she sure'nuff was purdee as a speckled pup. I'm so honored to have been invited to join some very talented artists in a new painting group, Some Texas Artists Like to Paint. There will be a different theme each month.... sounds like fun!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not Every Bus Has Burnt Orange Seats

A Pleasant Circumbendibus
8x8, oil on panel
$115, email for info
This is a beautiful, young friend/twisted sister and I don't pretend to have done her justice in this painting. But the colors are just terrific -- I love the turqoise ground underneath it all. She is so lovely and kind to allow me to paint her. Fun, fun, fun. And the title? Well, the photo was taken recently on a (party) bus trip that was quite enjoyable and I knew I'd heard that word somewhere. Read about circumbendibus here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kid Pix

Body Language
31 x 10.5, oil on masonite
I took this photo years ago - one of about a go-zillion snaps taken over the years I worked at a school - and have always wanted to paint it. I love their little bodies, friends all squeezed together on a bench, and what their body language tells us about each one. I love that we don't need faces or a certain place or even for them to be dressed differently to tell the story. Individuals but definitely part of a group.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hoping for Hip

Rouge and Noir
6x6, oil on panel
email for info
This is Cadmium Red over Black by Adolph Gottlieb, also at the Blanton. There's a lovely bench across from this painting and it is a favorite spot for me. The art patron's grey trench coat didn't turn out as stylish as I wanted it to.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'd Recognize You Anywhere

Playing With Genetic Markers
12x12, oil on masonite
email for info
I recently spent the better part of a day roaming the UT campus and the Blanton Museum of Art. What a luxury and a feast for the eyes, people-watching wise. This is Inigo Manglano-Ovalle's trio of photographic prints titled Jin, Calvin and Lisa and is based on the DNA sequencing of those three individuals. Facinating portraits and the thought process behind Manglano-Ovalle's work was intriguing. I enjoyed a brief chat with this lovely little lady in the pale yellow cardigan.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Knock, Knock, Who's There?

Digging Lemons
16x20, oil on canvas
Whew, it’s good to be here. Thank you, Faithful Followers, for your patience with my recent sabbatical. I really appreciate your emails and inquiries, notes and concerns. It feels great to be missed. If we’re to be perfectly candid with one another, I took these last weeks off to….well….to party. I’ve celebrated the success of some grand organizations plus 2 happy and healthy schools, an engagement, a bachelorette, Easter Eve, many birthday parties for friends and family plus one of the milestone varieties for yours truly, the end of two athletic seasons and the beginning of two more, and such successful committee work… honestly, you just can’t imagine. I was briefly pulled back into the vortex of a former communication’s design career and I was part of the mother of all garage sales. Lots of time with Mr. Right and the kiddos. Lots of time with my Twisted Sisters. It’s been a good month!

I’ve gotten to do a bit a painting and will share those as soon as I reconstruct my outdoor photo station. In the meantime, this was one I forgot to post from Laurel’s still life class this spring.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just For Fun and Practice

Teaching Moment
12x12, oil on canvas
This from two weeks ago. Our plein air painting class was spread all over Zilker Park. I'm supposed to be focused on learning the 4 planes of a well-painted landscape (for any artist/readers, Laurel generously posted a perfect explanation, with demo, here) yet I can't take my eyes off the sunlight hitting the shoulders of my white-shirted classmate in the distance. Especially once Laurel was standing beside her - I knew the black shirt-white apron / white shirt-black apron was my inspiration of the day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Painting, Two Palettes

Pauline Chapel II
11x14, oil on canvas
I painted this Colorado Springs chapel twice and it was a great exercise. These are from an amazing photograph-turned-paint-challenge taken by artist/photographer Lee Brown and posted on his site A Day Not Wasted. In the painting to the left I really pushed the warm light/cool shadow interplay. The version above is more traditional and seems to garner the most votes from my panel of in-house art critics. Don't forget: click on paintings for larger view. Fun, fun, fun!
Pauline Chapel I, 12x12 oil on canvas, $165, email for info

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just Grab a Kid and Go

On the Tarmac, Cozumel
8x8 oil on canvas

When our kids were younger, our family plus three others (college girlfriends a.k.a. some of my beloved twisted sisters) vacationed on a beach together for a week every summer, for 11 straight years. We were a small band of travelers in the beginning - 8 adults plus a couple of toddlers, give or take the odd visiting grandma or friend - and one of us moms was often sporting the maternity bathing-suit look. Eeeesch! We ventured no further than big, rambling houses on Texas beaches in the early years.

Our Lavagirl was the last baby born and once she turned 2, we all turned our eyes South of the Border - to the land of white sands, turquoise waters, and the all-inclusive resort with its endless buffets, spirits, activities, and housekeeping. By that time we numbered 15, plus or minus. And during those weeks, all the kids had 8 parents and the livin' was easy. My little traveling companion in this painting isn't mine but she sure felt like it. I'll never forget her fashionable turquoise straw cowboy hat that summer.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just Time for a Sketch: Figures

Figure Study
oil on canvas paper
I've been anxious to apply Laurel's blocking-in techniques to some figure work. For these little sketches I used the line and mass method - first using one dark neutral to establish values and rudimentary planes, then adding color. It was fun and worked well. No time for faces. Speaking of... I apologize to my faithful followers - suddenly time is at a premium. My family [and their activities] is requiring a bit extra; we can chalk it up to spring, kids, schools, sports, volunteer work, a family wedding, etc... It's definitely part of the Bliss I Follow but, at the same time, I constantly yearn to create. Thanks for your patience.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"You May Take 3 Giant Steps Backwards"

Mother May I?
8x10, oil on panel
I've been in painting purgatory. But you'd be surprised how fun it is! This week I went to my first plein air class with Laurel. That means we're painting outside - oh my. Perhaps you remember when I last whined on this topic. Not much has changed. I'm still flumoxed by the gear and the light and creating a composition on the fly. Laurel wanted us to use one of the blocking-in methods we studied in our recent still life class. Hah! I felt lucky to find my brushes. Everything I thought I knew flew right out of my head. I painted this today from the "study" I started in class. Yuck. The upside? The people, of course. It was a spectacular day on the beautiful grounds of Laguna Gloria and the conversation was lively. I can't wait to go through it again!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Just Time for a Sketch: Happy Hour

Happy Hour sketch
8x8, oil on canvas
I did this quickly from a photo I found on the website WetCanvas. What a great resource for us artist-types. This girl looks like she could be one of my twisted sisters. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bliss Following Indeed

Self Portrait with Freesia
12x16, oil on canvas
$190, email for info
Well, I wiped this one so many times that, by the end, "Self Portrait with [Full-Blown] Freesia" might have been a more accurate title. The longer those poor flowers sat under the light, the bigger they got. But what a beautiful morning of painting: in my newly spiffed-up studio space, The Penthouse Radio, surrounded by windows, and the snow falling outside for hours with flakes the size of salad plates, piling up on the palm trees around the pool. And later, watching school-got-out-early teenagers Sharkboy and Lavagirl catching snowflakes on their tongues just beyond my windows. How great is life?