Thursday, October 22, 2009

Living and Learning

Oregano with Pool Towel: A Tenderfoot's Attempt
8x8, oil on panel
$85 - email for info

Have a personal humor about things. You will never know your calibre until you have tried yourself. Avoid idle industry. Be venturesome. Try new things that appeal to you.
Examine others. Have a pioneer spirit. ~Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

(OK, here's where I sound like Sharkboy and Lavagirl, my teenagers) "Everybody's starting a plein air painting class this week but me," she whined. Laurel Daniel is teaching a plein air class and many of my still life classmates have moved outdoors. It's not the perfect time in my life to peel off a new project but, truth be told, I am envious. I think I miss the people as much as the process.

Anyway, taking the advise of a superhero - Robert Henri - I dusted off my pioneer spirit and ceremoniously traipsed the painting supplies outside. Loaded like a sherpa, I got all the way out the studio door and about 10 feet onto the terrace where I painted a safe and familiar backyard scene. After two-ish hours, I proudly marched inside with my painting only to find it 4 shades darker than intended. Hmmmm. Low-key, indeed. Have I read somewhere that, when painting en plein air, one really shouldn't stand in direct sun?


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Mitzi, your painting does not come across my monitor as too dark, it is really very nice! I too, ventured as far as my backyard for my first plein air attempt, and yours is way more successful.
I too would love to take from Laurel Daniel, she is amazing!

Stephen Parker said...


Laurel's class misses you! I almost emailed you Wednesday to find out why you weren't there. For some reason, I thought you had signed up. Nevertheless, good for you for taking your stuff and painting outside. Oregano with Pool Towel looks great.

I also liked the post from your last open studio session. Now that I know you're not in the plein air class, I better write down time and dates to make sure I start going to the open sessions.

Hope to see you soon.