Friday, October 15, 2010

We've Been Invited to a Party!

"she said what?"
6x6, oil on panel
Fall weather has arrived in central Texas. It got here yesterday and will probably be gone by Monday but, while it's here, it is glorious. Friday-night-football-not-in-shorts weather. Dust-off-the-soup-recipes weather. Open-the-studio-windows-and-let-the-cool-breezes-blow weather. Deee-lightful!
In other (exciting!) news, we - my work and I - have been invited to an art party that two darling twisted sisters are hosting next month. The studio is all a-bustle as paintings and frames are paired, primping and polishing as we go. My friends have convinced me to bring some of the collages I've made recently. I always think of the collages as my folly -- they are silly, quirky, sometimes sentimental, and pure playtime for me. But, I was approached recently to sell a few, got a commission for another, and these friends love them too and want them to come out of hiding. So the collages are getting dressed up for the party as well! Woo-hoo!!

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