Monday, September 23, 2013

One Thing Leads to Another

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Sometimes, when I need to loosen up or shake a mood or search for my muse, I make nutty collages. Always have. Inspired by the art of the day or a friend's favorite quote, I just grab whatever flotsam and jetsam are at hand and go for it.  Lately, it's been file folders.

It started over the summer as I was cleaning out files, getting ready for the school year.  I swiped a stack of 1/3-cut, standard manila file folders from Mr. Right and organized like mad.  At some point during my ship-shaping, folder met paint. And gesso. And stencils. And Adirondack sprays. And juicy inks. And Sharpies. And gel pens.

That was a dozen+ file folders ago. Sigh. Heaven.

I've been thinking about painting interiors again and this happened.

I've been adding quotes I sometimes think about I would want to remember while sitting in meetings.  Will I really take these folders to business meetings?  Probably not. 
I've also put a coat of sealer on them so they're tougher than your average bird.  
A quote on the inside too, a favorite of one of my twisted sisters.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Zig-Zag: Gifts, Wrapped in Chevron

oil on panel, 12x12, $240
I love our culture's current fascination with the time-honored chevron pattern.  Mustaches are hard to understand but give me a good chevron obsession and I totally get it!  (Also curley-que ribbon, which never really goes out of style.)  While painting this gift, I dreamed about a pair of slipper chairs upholstered in a chevron fabric... gray would be lovely.  Or a beautiful chevron patterned brick floor.  I like this little present a lot.  Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Paper Painting Whimsy

Today is "paper painting" day in the studio.  It's amazing how quickly my stockpile runs out when I'm tearing and pasting for collages.  I'm certain every artist has their own process.  Paper painting for me is a little how I imagine some abstract art to be created. No finished product in mind -  making decisions based on color and form and value, mixed with a big batch of serendipity.  Lots of "what ifs" and inky-painty fingers and funny tools like carved corks and cardboard rolls.  Yes, I'm that person who snatches paper towels with interesting quilting patterns and Starbucks cup cozies from unsuspecting friends. No such thing as a bad choice. Love it, love it, love it.