Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Every One Can't Be a Winner

8x8, oil on panel
Another sketch from the Jurick workshop. I saw this pooch romping around the Hilton Head beach - he was happy and funny. The painting? Well... let's just say I don't believe I did him justice. Aptly named effort, me thinks.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catching Up: Karin Jurick Workshop

With all the feasting and football (Sharkboy's team made it to the State Semi-finals!), I'm way behind on posting. This little sketch is from the Karin Jurick workshop - on Day #1 we watched her demo the photo, on Day #2 we all painted it, and on Day #3 we visited Morris & Whiteside Gallery and got to see Karin's original version. It was facinating to see some 20 different versions - proof positive that we all interpret schenes in unique ways. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beauty Cat Moves to Wall Street

Beauty Cat arrived to her new New York City home late last week - I hope her owner loves looking at her half as much as I loved making her. She's 11x14ish and among the treasures in her Marie-Antoinette-channeling skirt there are yellowed pages from a 1947 edition of The American Everyday Dictionary and snippets of grandmother's doilies. What fun! In other news, my box of painting supplies and fresh apple butter finally arrived from South Carolina. I'm amazed at how many beautiful fall-colored leaves stowed away for the trip to Texas. Busy unpacking and so anxious to be back in the studio!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Party Pics

I'm walking on clouds. The Art Party was terrific - lots of old friends, new friends, and great energy. My hostesses should teach an artist's workshop on 'how to host an art open house.' Truly, every detail was perfect and that led to laughter, enthusiasm, and brisk sales. The art was arranged in one large room; the oil paintings were placed on walls and integrated into library shelves while the collages were hung together on a set of beautiful folding doors. Of course, my friend's home is so lovely and that helped my art to sparkle. I had to snap some photos to show you before guests arrived. Of course, the photo we forgot to take: one of my hostesses. Sigh. Thanks to them and their husbands, my twisted sisters who turned out en masse, all my new collectors, Mr. Right and our kiddos.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Looking Forward to Tomorrow!

It's almost art party time. I had such fun yesterday delivering more than 30 paintings and collages, getting to see the beautiful preparations being made and hearing about folks who will be there. I am blessed to be honored by these wonderful friends and this is going to be a F-U-N party!!

Be sure to click over to Karin Jurick's blog and see her rendition of last week's workshop. She did a great job with her words and photos. My box of paintings and art supplies still hasn't arrived from Hilton Head. But I'm not nervous. Really.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Karin Jurick Workshop

I'm home and what a grand time I've had. Ten autumn days is well spent painting and road-tripping in the Low Country region of our nation. The Karin Jurick workshop in Hilton Head was very, very good - she is so willing to share her wisdom and it is truly a privilege to watch her paint. My classmates were a talented and fun group - we laughed and ate and commiserated. I learned so much from them and, by mid-week, we were a happy and cohesive little band of compatriots. An evening spent with Ben Whiteside at the Morris & Whiteside Galleries was very memorable. All due in part to Karin's easy manner - her artistic passion and compassion. I am hopeful for an alumni reunion! The paintings I did there + all my supplies are still in the capable hands of UPS - stay tuned. Meanwhile, pictures of our studio space at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina and one of Karin's demos - amazing!