Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not Every Bus Has Burnt Orange Seats

A Pleasant Circumbendibus
8x8, oil on panel
$115, email for info
This is a beautiful, young friend/twisted sister and I don't pretend to have done her justice in this painting. But the colors are just terrific -- I love the turqoise ground underneath it all. She is so lovely and kind to allow me to paint her. Fun, fun, fun. And the title? Well, the photo was taken recently on a (party) bus trip that was quite enjoyable and I knew I'd heard that word somewhere. Read about circumbendibus here.


Linda Popple said...

Nice painting! I like the colors - yes the turquoise ground is amazing! Great job on her hair and the light on her arm and shoulder.

Circumbendibus - a mouthful, for sure! I've learned a new word for today!!

Ruth said...

Happy and playful and lively. Love the contrast of all the bright and interesting colors. Great painting.

Dragana said...

Great job showing the texture and highlights in her hair. You know how to capture the moment!