Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just For Fun and Practice

Teaching Moment
12x12, oil on canvas
This from two weeks ago. Our plein air painting class was spread all over Zilker Park. I'm supposed to be focused on learning the 4 planes of a well-painted landscape (for any artist/readers, Laurel generously posted a perfect explanation, with demo, here) yet I can't take my eyes off the sunlight hitting the shoulders of my white-shirted classmate in the distance. Especially once Laurel was standing beside her - I knew the black shirt-white apron / white shirt-black apron was my inspiration of the day.


deo prakash choudhary said...

thanks Easley! your colour sense is so nice..wonderful

Laurel Daniel said...

How did I miss this? Pretty fun that I remember being right there! And thanks for the shout out! :)