Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kid Pix

Body Language
31 x 10.5, oil on masonite
I took this photo years ago - one of about a go-zillion snaps taken over the years I worked at a school - and have always wanted to paint it. I love their little bodies, friends all squeezed together on a bench, and what their body language tells us about each one. I love that we don't need faces or a certain place or even for them to be dressed differently to tell the story. Individuals but definitely part of a group.


Dana Cooper said...

I love it cute!

Trish Siegel said...

Fabulous work Mitzi!

Stephen Parker said...

Great choice, Mitzi, for all the reasons you mentioned. You did a great job, and on such a large scale.

julie davis said...

Ok--I have my own theories about who they are...Cate was voting as well. What a fun painting! And you"re right--don't need the faces--body language says it all!

Laurel Daniel said...