Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bliss Following Indeed

Self Portrait with Freesia
12x16, oil on canvas
$190, email for info
Well, I wiped this one so many times that, by the end, "Self Portrait with [Full-Blown] Freesia" might have been a more accurate title. The longer those poor flowers sat under the light, the bigger they got. But what a beautiful morning of painting: in my newly spiffed-up studio space, The Penthouse Radio, surrounded by windows, and the snow falling outside for hours with flakes the size of salad plates, piling up on the palm trees around the pool. And later, watching school-got-out-early teenagers Sharkboy and Lavagirl catching snowflakes on their tongues just beyond my windows. How great is life?


Rob Hazzard said...

Beautiful work Mitzi. My kids got off to school 2 hours late today due to snow and I think I was a little more excited than they were.

Stephen Parker said...

Really nice, Mitzi. Congrats on seeing this through. Sometimes we have to wrestle one to the floor, but it's usually worth it, in one way or another. This one turned out great and I especially like the job you did on your baby picture and frame, and getting the texture and values of the ceramic jar.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

well, you did a great job making it turn out! I love it.
Snow on the Palm trees by the pool is an interesting juxtaposition to think about.