Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not Exactly June Cleaver

First, I overslept. Then, very quickly, I was inspired. But more about that in a minute.

In my fancy-pants outdoor photography studio, the light is... shall we say... illusive. Translation: there's a skinny 15-minute window in the morning and 15 in the afternoon when conditions are right for the perfect photo. My intention this morning was to wake up, run out, snap a recent painting, quickly write something dazzling, get it up on the blog, clean the kitchen, bring in the paper, feed the dog, and make the coffee - all before Mr. Right (who is a brilliant father, BTW) rises on Father's Day. Hmmmm...

Instead, I overslept. Missed the light. Took some overly-glaring photos. But didn't know that until I sat down at the computer where I was immediately inspired to do something entirely different (again, more later). Blazed into the kitchen and roughly doubled the beans needed to brew the perfect pot. Now very awake, I started on the inspiration which took me back out to the garden. Moving furniture - did I mention I am still in my nightgown? - when Mr. Right peeked his head around a corner and said, "Hon, are you out here? What are you doing?" Not exactly the perfect-little-wife-on-Father's-Day-morning I imagined. Ah well...

Okay, the inspiration. For... ever... I have gift-wrapped my paintings when they sold, whether for delivery or shipping. The very least I can do for my cherished collectors. But I never thought to tell you that. Duh. So, bright and early, and conveniently having a few ready-to-go packages in the studio, I...well...see paragraph above. The cropped-and-posed photo is posted in the column on the left but the this-is-what-life-is-really-like photo is above. Carmen Gardenia, our garden muse, even snuck into this shot. I made her from a ten-dollar cookie jar... but that's another story.

Big thanks to Leslie Saeta and Dreama Tolle Perry who inspired me this morning, as they do many mornings. I promise to get a better photo of the painting and get it posted quickly - I like it alot. And Happy Father's Day to all.

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Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Funny post!! I especially like the part of about intending to "quickly write something dazzling" I'm sure you do it all the time, but that's the sort of thing that stumps and distracts me way too often!