Saturday, November 5, 2011

Paper Dolls Continue

11x14, mixed media on cradled panel

My first attempt with acrylics and I was having fun and got carried away.  Her clothing was to be made of paper, as has been the trend with the Paper Dolls.  But, it turns out, her lacy shrug is painted and her top is paper. Oops.
I love it when Lavagirl, my darling daughter, brings me inspiration. Or something that leads me to a muse. I painted this from the website of clothing designer Keiko Lynn...a darling, young girl with a look I just love.  I've tried emailing her but - sheesh - she has 11Kplus followers on her blog (that's 11,000+). Talk about busy.  Go check her out - doesn't she have an amazing flare?

The background is wrapping paper I bought recently on a Twisted Sister field trip to the Container Store... funny, right?  Take care - thanks for looking!