Monday, June 1, 2009

Painting Produce Again

Lean on Me
8x8 oil on panel
I loved painting these yellow peppers. I like the values, the shadows - form and cast, and the composition: the way the upright pepper couldn't stay upright without its companion. Classic art imitating life.

Have I mentioned that I have an incredible group of strong and wonderful women in my life? Collectively, I think of them as my "twisted sisters." Two are yours truly: biological. I'm tied to another handful by lines that are more curlique or twisted: my husband's sister, my sister's husband's sisters, my husband's mother's husband's brother's son's wife... you get the idea. And then there are the remarkable women I've collected, like priceless treasures, throughout my life. We have found each other in romper rooms, dorm rooms, classrooms, conference rooms, and board rooms. We do the usual -- laugh, cry, celebrate, commiserate, bury, and birth.
My twisted sisters inspire me beyond measure and keep me upright.

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