Friday, July 9, 2010

First Ones on the Beach

Early Risers
18x18, oil on panel
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Another title might be 1,000 Not-So-Easy Pieces. These blue lounge chairs are "standard issue" at many Mexican beach resorts and, over the years, they have intrigued me artistically. I've tried pencil, ink, watercolor, and now oil. Plus, I've really been wanting to work in this larger format and get out of the alla prima work habit a bit. Fun, fun.


Renee Brennan said...

I love all the little surprises ....different shades of blue on the chairs, shadows under the chairs, moms green hat little pink bucket....and much more!

Dana Cooper said...

Another wonderful beach painting Mitzi!
Thanks for the great idea regarding titles!!

Dragana said...

I just love this one - the repetition of the chairs and blue tones are brilliant!