Monday, June 22, 2009

Small Painting, Big Lessons

Quiet Corner
8x8 oil on panel
I'm learning alot with these roomscapes. Being forced to work details on a small canvas is teaching me efficiency -- with shapes, values, and the number of brushstrokes. Good lessons. The hero of this painting, for me, is the monotone palette of walls, drapes, furniture, even the King Charles spaniel, which is then punctuated by the plant and its reflection in the mirror. I started with a lipstick-pink toned canvas (one of my favorites), counting on that to warm up all the yellows and browns and grays. Fun, fun, fun.
Lavagirl is home from camp and all our chicks are in the nest. This weekend was one of those times I really remember how blessed I am to be Bliss Following.

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Liza Hirst said...

Hi Mitzi,
Love your interiors! Especially this one.As you say yourself, the monotone palette is interesting and you have mastered it so well that it is not at all dull or boring. Adding the red pot with the green flowers make it pop!
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