Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Letterman Sketchbook or How to Make a Multimedia Sketchbook

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As promised, info on how to make the best sketchbook on the planet. I've had a go-zillion and truly cherished about half. Sometimes the paper is just wrong. Or the thing falls apart. For me, the cheaper the sketchbook, the better I like the work I do in it. More than about twenty bucks and I’m anxious; nervous when I want to use a page and nervous when I choose to skip one. I love all varieties of Moleskins and right now I’m on my second or third 8x10, natural white Strathmore. But the Letterman Sketchbook? Excellance.

Why? Hmmm... I got to pick the size (9.5x9.5), the cover, the cardboard on the back, each piece of paper - color, weight, texture, media (making sure to cram it full of all my favorites), the order the papers appear in the book, and the size of the spiral binding (biggish). It didn't take much time or money. And I wouldn't change a thing. Uh, does that make me a perfectionist? Maybe. Still. There are worse things than a perfect sketchbook. You should try it.

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Siewert said...

Hey Mitz, tell me about your Letterman connection! You mention him frequently!