Sunday, June 14, 2009

Empty Nesters??

Homegrown 2
8x8 oil on panel
I have this fabulous table. It's a hand-me-down, having made the rounds through Mr. Right's side of the family and landing at our house some years ago. It's a nice piece of furniture and a great concept, ordered from some hoity-toity catalog. But it just never quite worked out. It's like a hospital table -- you know the type -- the top swings across the bed, it can be adjusted higher and lower and it's on wheels? One of the type A's in our family thought they would work at night on a laptop in bed or something... Anyway, it came to live in my art room and now I use it to set up still lifes.

That's the long way around explaining how, by doing something very simple (in this case lowering or raising the table) your objects (in this case a red gerber daisy stuck in a capers jar) look entirely different (in this case these two paintings). You get a whole new perspective on things. Hmmmm...

Speaking of new perspectives. Sharkboy (feeling suddenly better) is off with his first FWDL - Friend With Driver's License. Gulp. Lavagirl's still at camp. So that leaves Mr. Right and me in an empty nest. Hmmmm... One of my twisted sisters is fond of saying "change is always met with resistance." I think I'll like change better later.
Homegrown 3
8x10 oil on panel

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Susan S W/Albany said...

Love this-simple and lovely