Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finger Painting

Untitled (Finger Painting)
12x12 oil on panel
I learned somewhere that, if you want to paint loosely but accurately (I do), you should always finish a painting with your biggest brush. The opposite of my tendency. Mr. Right asks, "What do you think about when you're painting?" Just that, plus other pearls like it, written on post-it notes and stuck around the art room. Scribbled into the corners of sketchbooks. I'm trying to remember and practice. And so, after I tidied up but was still piddling around, everytime I passed by the easel -- the biggest brush now clean -- I couldn't resist finger painting.


nancy said...

hi! i'm one of betsy's childhood friends from abilene. i remember the day you were born! :-)
anyway--i LOVE your blog, and i think your talent is awesome! i have added your blog to my favorites and i'll look again. i look forward to purchasing one of your paintings some day. kudos to you for "going for it"! great work!
blessings to you,
nancy withrow

Mitzi Easley said...

thanks nancy! how dear of you to visit the blog and to write encouraging words. come often - i would love to hear from you again. m

julie davis said...

Mitzi--congrats on setting up the've done a beautiful job! It's not as big a deal once you're up and running, I promise. This is a lovely painting, too. Great detail--I see some of your mom's love for interiors in you here!

Susan Seaweed said...

Luv it!!!! Quit having so much fun!!!!! :)
I love your style, color use and accents. Your personality really comes out and I am so-o impressed!
(I swear, I am not a freeeper!!!!!)