Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That's the School Bell I Hear Ringing

Reclining Nude
(Mirror, Mirror On the Wall)
11x14 oil on canvas
The model in this sketch was lovely and I had a great vantage point for capturing both her image and her reflection in the mirror. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow as we begin again with Laurel Daniel's still life class. I have so enjoyed these before and, though I never feel I do my best work in a class, the lessons presented continue to reveal themselves long after school gets out. It's funny though... I'm kinda' nervous. Lavagirl reminds me to just be myself, be nice to my teacher and the other kids, and she bets I'll make a new friend very quickly. I love my kids.

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Laurel Daniel said...

Oh, you funny girl! I say that, but I know what you mean... that Lavagirl is some kinda smart Gal! :) I thought you obeyed the teacher (and were quite nice to her), played very well with the other kids and I never, ever saw you running with scissors!

And PS - your painting turned out great too!! :)