Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Could This Be My Closet?

Could This Be My Closet?
11x14 oil on canvas
I wish. I think my stuff looks right at home here. There are my yellow purses, my perfume, and Lavagirl's new cardigan sweater. Yes, I hang art in my closet and that's my slipper chair -- it's pretty darling right now in leopard print with black ball-tasseled fringe but for this painting I reupholstered it in pink velvet. I included the burnt orange cowboy boots I secretly covet but know I'd probably never wear. In real life, the longest wall in my closet is painted lipstick red and I like it alot. The black and white harlequin floor used to be in my kitchen and I absolutely loved it though it was hard to keep. The high heels, the hat, and the Burberry bag? Not mine.

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Dragana said...

Mitzi, every painting is amazing - you are so talented! I'm coming to admire your artwork next time I'm in Austin now that the kids are situated.