Saturday, September 12, 2009

OK, Now I'm Just Bragging: Listen to This

The Waitress at the Mount Fuji Cafe
12x12 oil on canvas
I am bursting with pride: my (incredibly talented) 15-year-old Goddaughter Haley recorded a demo CD this summer with five incredible songs and Grammy-winning musicians backing her up! Click the play button below to hear her sing Don’t Want It To Be You a song she wrote last spring for a school assignment.

Her mother and I were college roommates and, born only 3 months apart, she and Sharkboy were cribmates. When they were toddlers, we often had tea parties or lunch in her play kitchen which was named the Mount Fuji CafĂ©. Her musical gifts have always been a joy – I’ve lost track of how many instruments she plays (including the piano on this song!) – and she never complains about practicing. Much. She is a stellar up-and-coming twisted sister, to be sure.

We knew she was getting the opportunity, via her voice coach, to make the demo but never expected it to be this amazing. Her parents hosted a CD release party and we all got a copy; yep, already on my iPod! Remember – you heard her here first.


Trish Siegel said...

Your Goddaughter has tremendous talent! I really enjoyed listening to her demo. I am sure she will go far. Thanks for sharing!

Laureline said...

That was just terrific! What a gutsy and beautiful voice!