Saturday, August 27, 2011

You Gotta Have 'Faith'

16x20, mixed media on canvas
Sold my first Paper Doll this week - Faith has gone to live with a darling collector. Woohoo! Truth be told, stepping out onto this 'mixed media' limb is quite intimidating so the validation of a sale is doubly meaningful. Faith was inspired by a long neck, a strong shadow, and a really great hair-do. She's a mix of pages and ephemera collected from vintage novels and phone books, a Bingo card, a French stamp, some Indian paper, and a handsome Italian man.


Sarah said...

Mitzi, you know I'm a fan! "Faith" is another fabulous piece. The composition with the colors and texture are all incredible. What a figure!
Now that school has resumed, let's have lunch.

Linda Popple said...

Congratulations on the sale, Mitzi! Lucky person to have "Faith" ..... she's beautiful!!

Stephen Parker said...

Hey, Mitzi, I'm guessing you've been doing mixed media your whole life and maybe just didn't even know it. Look at your blog masthead! Whatever the case, you obviously have the instinct for it. By the way, yes, a long neck, though I'm not sure that's her most impressive feature. Look at that hair, for instance!

Anita Tresslar said...

Mitzi, I love these new works you are doing. I think you are a natural at mixed media.

Virginia Floyd said...

This is fabulous! Wonderful interest and complexity. Love it!

BrandNewStudio said...