Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mixing Oil and Water

16x20, mixed media collage on cradled panel
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To the list of reasons why I love watercolor, please add Plays Well With Others. How friendly the water-based mediums are - watercolors, acrylics, inks, gouache, gels - matte and otherwise. I've fallen in love with Golden's Fluid Acrylics and Liquitex Inks. All products that were designed to be layered and mixed. That said, I used oil for some of the white flowers in the background of this piece and it acted as a 'resist' when I painted Josephine in watercolor. I love the white flowers peeking through on her skin. Lower right are the Chinese characters for 'friend' and 'good'. She looks great in a gold, plein-aire type frame!


Ann Gorbett said...

These are really wonderful Mitzi. You've got something really special going on here.

Sarah said...

Smiling big here! I'm so happy to see your posting again, Mitzi. Love the new gals!
Hugs ~ S

Amy Hillenbrand said...

She is beautiful. you are just so darn creative! I'm glad to see you posting again too.

Stephen Parker said...

Hey, Mitzi. I love what you're doing, and so nice and big, too. Hope to see you soon.