Thursday, January 13, 2011

Continuing With Shelf Life Series

Shelf Life: Top, Far Right
10x20, oil on stretched canvas
An old and crumbling wooden Santos I brought home from Guatemala, Robert's Rules of Order, Austin's Landmark Art (Vikki Loving), a 45 of Why Can't We Be Friends (S. Allen/H. Brown, Far Out Productions, 1975), and a shallow, black Pre-Columbian bowl leaning in the back (250 a.d.). Plus some other stuff that doesn't mean as much to me... but might to others. I love these still lifes that have been just waiting, patiently, for me in the next room. I got so excited when I did the first one that I forgot to underpaint the panel. I just grabbed it and started drawing and was painting before I realized - yikes - I'm painting on white. It was okay... not difficult but, for me, yawn, uninspiring. Ahhhh, turquoise. Wish I'd thought to paint the walls in our house turquoise before painting them Naples yellow.


Kathy Cousart said...

Love this series...and I like the change up with "oh,so boring white" and now turquoise! The Santos is awesome- love the highlights on him.

Rick Nilson said...

these still lifes are wonderful. I had not considered them to be that. still life that is. I like the Port Aransas house