Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trimming Every House in Who-ville

The Cheermeister Portrait
8x8, oil on masonite
I love to paint the faces of imaginary people. When painting the face of someone I know I can never meet my own expectations. It's just never quite right. But, painting the face of a person no one has ever seen is different. Low stress, lots of fun. Speaking of fun, I'm spending more time decorating our chimbley with bizzle binks and jeantinglers and hanging holly-Who wreaths than I am painting these days. And watching The Grinch, obviously. Hope yours is merry and bright.

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Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

I love the title of this piece, it's perfect for the happy Santa that he is. I know exactly what you are writing about when you talk about the fun and low stress of painting a made up's freeing!