Friday, December 4, 2009

Just How Many Shades of White Are There?

12x12 oil on panel
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No kidding - there were snowflakes bouncing off the camera as I was taking this photo. I was trying for the high key value scheme of 2/3 light, 1/3 mid-value, and a smidge of dark with this painting. And continuing to explore stripes. And glass. I was worried it would be cold so I choose a pink ground and really tried to push the whites toward warmer tones. Which great artist was it who said, "white in shadow is darker than black in light?" Slips my mind right now. Hmmm... perhaps a cup of cocoa will jog my memory.
In honor of today's snow here in Central Texas (4 actual flakes at my house thus far), grab a cup of cocoa and try this. You might want to warn someone that you could need saving after a while.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love it! Masterful!

Stephen Parker said...

I never would have guessed there were snowflakes anywhere near. It looks like summer at the beach. Great work, Mitzi.

Trish Siegel said...

Great rendering of metal and glass. There is a crispness to this piece that appeals to me. The quote is a nice reminder too.

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Mitzi! I am so happy to find your blog. You have a wonderful sense of color and composition. (Even if you avoid purple!) (: ...and a wonderful way with words and storytelling. I will be back!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Still love it!!