Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New New Year's Resolution

Auld Lang Syne
6x6, oil on panel
One year ago today I made a resolution to oil painting, starting with a painting a day for 30 days - see below for #1 through #4. I took my first oil class when I was 13 and hated it. Since then I've played (not really fair to call it "work") with just about every other media in the art universe and taken classes and workshops in drawing and watercolor. About every 5 years I'd dust off the long brushes, buy fresh oils, paint something terrible, and push it all to the back of the cupboard.

Many factors piloted me back to oil painting: time, the encouragement of friends, the support of Mr. Right, a painting teacher I adore (thank you, Laurel!), and discovering the people who comprise the art-blogosphere. How lucky am I?? This year's New Year's Resolution? Ditto.


Ruth said...

Great resolution! Stick to it!
Mitzi, I think we have communication problems. Did not get an email from you.
Try this by just copying and pasting into your browser:
I put some final tweaking onto your portrait and have it on my blog. Needed some extra flesh color. You'll see if you'd go to my blog.
Would love to hear from you. Will look for an email. Ruth

Ann Rogers said...

Mitzi, thanks for following my blog and giving me an opportunity to "meet" another Austin artist. I'm assuming you mean Laurel Daniel in your post, met Laurel in Dallas this past month..quite an artist and such a wonderful personality. So glad she has encouraged you to pursue the oils again, this painting is great in design and color!

Stephen Parker said...

This is great, Mitzi. Is this from your live model sessions? You did a great job simplifying composition and the paint strokes are beautiful.

Looking back over your blog, it's amazing how far and how quickly you've progressed in your art.

See you soon, I hope,

Laurel Daniel said...

Mitzi - what a great resolution! Get your hands good and dirty, and have some great fun! You are doing great work!

Laurel Daniel said...

Oh, and I meant to say in my other note - thank you for your kind, kind reference and link!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! XOXO