Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Different Strokes from Different Folks

I Left My Heart
16x8, oil on canvas
$165 - email here for info
This month's DSFDF challenge and my first cityscape. I eliminated 90% of the original photo and would simplify even further the next time. But it was fun and did exactly what the DSFDF is intended to do: challenge. The link to the DSFDF blog is in the blogroll over to your left - go there to see the photo and watch other artists submissions as they are posted!


Ann Rogers said...

Very nice cropping, think yours is one of the few with the stop sign. Nice color and depth and shadows in the street.

Mark Bridges said...

Good work on turning it into a panorama.

Claire said...

I really like the crop on this - gives it an entirely different look! Great work!

dominique eichi said...

Very nice crop for this DSFDF