Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This One May Be A Bit of An Oyster

Calm Before the Storm
18x18, oil on canvas
You know - acts better than it looks. This all started when planning a lunch with a twisted sister who is married to a restauranteur. Thinking about her got me to thinking about him which got me to thinking about his (yummy!) restaurants which got me thinking about painting restaurants which reminded me of this photo and... well... you get the idea. So, there I was, painting along on my typical little 8x8 when Mr. Right appeared at the art room door and casually said, "You ought to paint that big." Challenge issued.

Within minutes there was a huge expanse of blank canvas in front of me and, let me warn you, nothing good comes on after the Craig Ferguson show. It was so fun to paint big! By the light of day I like all save her face and hands. Sigh. Those are so hard. I think she's better in person than the photo looks. My hero of the painting is definitely her uniform - I'm a sucker for black and white

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