Friday, May 19, 2017

The Junque Journal, Part 3

For me, an art journal is a learning space.  An experimental space.  Strictly pleasure.  Check out the pink crepe paper ruffle.  :)  Let me just say that learning to sew crepe paper is a hoot --- so cheap for so much product and super easy to dye.

Confession:  I'm passionate about words and I like quotes.  Funny quotes.  Wise quotes.  Witty quotes.  I admire people who come up with a short set of words that tell a story.  And I really like an art journal where I can ponder a good quote while I create with it.  Prettify it.  Play with it.
Are you passionate about words, dear reader?

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Sarah said...

Yes, dear artist, this reader is passionate about words. I love a good quote, especially one that is illustrated with details. Love the idea of an art journal. I can see where this would be lots of fun! I have a friend who does a page a day. That's seems like a lot of time involved, but perhaps not.
Hope to meet for coffee soon so you can share these journal in person.