Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gratitude & the Blue-Eyed Santas

Papa Noel
8x8, oil on panel
With gratitude, this morning I'm thinking about loyal collectors. It's all about shared passion and friendship and encouragement. It's about the catch-up chats and cups of coffee I'm enjoying as I deliver paintings that have sold locally. It's about connections.  It's soooo NOT about the money.

I'm affectionately thinking of these as the "blue-eyed Santas" as I find I leave that Tiffany-blue ground color peeking through the "whites" more often than not. I've gotten a number of questions about process and supplies and I plan to put together a post about that soon.  Have a great remember-what-you're-grateful-for day!

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Sarah said...

Gratitude here for sharing your friendship, Mitzi. Enjoyed our recent visit, and am beaming at the sight of Papa Noel. How fortunate I am to be the one who gets to enjoy this painting during the holidays. ;-)
Hugs and Happy Holidays! ~ Sarah