Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Moroccan

The Moroccan
30x40, paper on cradled canvas
The Moroccan is large and working on him was my Christmas present to myself.  Once rhythm was restored after The Big Day mania passed and not a creature was stirring, I tore and glued and thumbed and ripped to my heart’s content.  All to say, The Moroccan has a warm, fuzzy aura settled around his shoulders – his bliss is built in.  I love him over the mantle, gazing through the rooms of our house, but he’s usually in a lower spot where we can walk up close and admire his fun details. See below.  

Hidden treasure includes a ticket stub to Les Mis, a favorite cookie fortune, a 1940s "recipe" for how to boil eggs, and a castle on his chinny-chin-chin.  Passing through the studio one day, our son home from college peered over my shoulder at The Moroccan in progress, bussed me on the cheek, and said, “thanks for the shout out, Mom.”

Crazy how art life evolves.  The Moroccan was inspired by the oversized red and beige hound’s-tooth patterned paper I found on two gift sacks at the little Port Aransas IGA grocery store several years ago.  They’ve been thumb-tacked up next to my desk all this time, just waiting.  Ca-ra-zy.

Thanks a lot for visiting. I am a less-than-faithful blogger but remain a constant creator.  C’est la vie.

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