Saturday, January 26, 2013

Modern Day Angel - Mixed Media

11x14, mixed media on cradled board
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I love Hazel. She might be in my Top 5 all-time favorites.  One reason, no doubt, is that she practically created herself. You know that feeling?  She was going to have a green dress and then - willy-nilly - it turned into pink and white stripes; she was going to have a gold halo but then poof! it wanted to be orange.  Lots of texture in the paper layer and a gentle sanding after she was painted really helped that texture shine through.  She even named herself.... with those eyes.  No framing necessary - she's painted red around the edges, see detail photos below. Double-click images for larger view - sorry about the glare on the detail photos.

Happy New Year to all.  Blessings and wishes for a great 2013!


Amy Hillenbrand said...

Mitzi you are just so dang talented, this is so cool! Love so many things about it. One of being just the sheer creativity it has.

Martha Lever said...

Hi Mitzi,
I absolutely love your paintings! I will spend some more time looking all your fabulous paintings.

The monitor is hooked to the iPad with an adaptor cord. I use it to bring up my reference photos from my iPad. You can still use the iPad while it's hooked up so you can still zoom in. It helps to see the reference photo enlarged. I went to Best Buy and they helped me get the right cord and showed me how to hook it up. It's a no brainer really.