Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Can You Name this House in Twelve Books or Less?

Shelf Life: Chase Residence, Dining Room
9x12, oil on panel
Could you recognize another person's house by seeing just one small portion of one bookcase in one room? From the books in this painting, I not only know who's house I'm in (Grandpa's) - I can feel how it feels to be there (wonderful!) and remember what the shelves around it hold and conjure what delicious smells are coming from the kitchen right around the corner. I just love that.
Hope everyone is having a great May!


Karla said...

What a nice concept and a wonderful painting!

Fay Terry said...

Mitzi, I love this. So clever and such great thoughts.
( Good painting, too)

Sarah said...

You know I think your "shelf life" series is a terrific idea. Can't wait to see more. ~ Sarah

carol morgan carmichael said...

Love this! And memories of grandparents. I hope we get to see each other soon. Miss you!

suzannepaints said...

You engaged the senses! What a wonderful painting.

Ruca said...

I'm loving your work! Great idea for a series. I know exactly what you mean about paintings or sketches conjuring memories and engaging the senses. I find that's one of the main reasons to keep an illustrated journal.