Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Will They Think of Next? Virtual Paintout!

At Home, in Corsica
18x18, oil on masonite panel
email for info

"Maybe you're just tired of painting fruit," quipped 13-year-old Lavagirl this week, as I whined about my current painter's block. Okay. Make a change. I can do that.

I've been wanting to take a stab at a "challenge blog" created by Kentucky artist Bill Guffey. The blog is called Virtual Paintout. First, in artSpeak, the term "paintout" means artists gathering together to, well..... paint out (side). Bill's challenge is for artists from all over the world to use Google Earth maps, specifically --- now, stay with me here --- Google Street View, to "meet" in a specified country or city to paint together. For instance, this month is Corsica. The month before was Mexico City. Using Google's interactive map system, you cruise around the destination until you find an inspiring view and then paint away. Click here to visit Virtual Paintout; scroll all the way to the bottom to find Bill's link to the Corsica map.

I'll resist the urge to wax on poetically about how delicious it is to roam the streets of Paris or Rome, looking for the perfect painting spot around every sidewalk-cafed corner, while waiting for 3:40 carpool or the rinse-and-spin cycle. Do we live in a great time or what?

Anyway, I'm a big fan of renowned artist Ted Goerschner who has long since painted still lifes set up in his studio with vacation photos as backdrops. And so, voila, At Home, in Corsica. Specifically, the Avenue de la Republique, Calvi, Northern Corsica, France. A tous mes amis.


Cannery Painters said...

Fabulous Mitzi, I like how you combined the two photo to make a great painting!
And you are right, we live in an exciting time!!

Nancy Goldman said...

What a great idea to set up a still life in front of your virtual landscape. Don't you love Bill's blog? I've been participating in the challenges since October and look forward to the first day of the month to see where he takes us next. Corsica is my favorite so far. I've posted one, am posting my second tomorrow and have a third painting in the works that I will hopefully finish in time.
I'm glad I found your blog.

Laurel Daniel said...

This turned out great, Mitzi. Just keep painting - you will hit your rhythm again! Taking "in" info is exhausting.

Anonymous said...

Mitzi...what a great interpretation of the challenge...what fun this must have been for you. I am hoping to post another before the months end! happy painting to you!

Murilo S Romeiro said...

Yes, the combining of two images is wonderful. Great criativity!
My best regards,

fheathermoore said...

I saw your painting on Paintout and I love the idea of combining the two views as you have. Genius! I can see others following suit now! Brilliant stuff!

Mitzi Easley said...

Thanks to all for the kind comments. They mean the world to me. All credit to Ted Goerschner for the combined view... and yes, it was fun! Try it!!!

Leslie Hawes said...

"... how delicious it is to roam the streets of Paris or Rome, looking for the perfect painting spot... while waiting for... the rinse-and-spin cycle."
What a great idea and beautiful resultant painting!

Rosemary said...

Very creative for the challenge and a lovely painting! By the way, your blog title "Bliss Following" is quite creative as well!

Carol Marine said...

I'm a huge fan of Ted Goerschner too! This turned out really well, Mitzi - you've got a lot of really great stuff on your blog!! Want to trade links? ; )

Ann Gorbett said...

Mitzi-this is wonderful. Very Matisse-like!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

The view of Corsica from your Texas window is down right amazing.... very cleverly done.

Gwen Bell said...

Wonderful! It has a lively Gauguin feel to it. What painter's block???

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

this is absolutely brilliant!!
I love studio still life set against the backdrop of an outdoor scene. I may take a stab at this challenge.
I mean really, is Google Earth the most amazing thing? I just love virtual traveling.
Thanks again for my award!

Kaylyn said...

Crazy good!! Though digital photography has cast doubt on every image we see these days, I love the possibilities of using it to open up a more interesting world paint!