Monday, January 4, 2010

Chocolate is One of the Basic Food Groups, Right?

Whatever, Cocoa
12x12, oil on canvas
$165 - SOLD
(doubleclick for larger view)
This was super fun... even if my marshmallows look [a bit] like sugar cubes. It's good to take a break from produce painting. Plus, I had an aha moment this week and took the beautiful powder blue pashmina from around my neck and draped it into the lightbox. Such a relief from the tried-and-true khaki. The blue scarf was a gift from one of my twisted sisters... hope she won't mind. And the title? Well, I have another friend who is uber-spunky and - when perturbed - holds up her outstretched arm and hand, dismissing her offender by saying, "what-ev-er, Coco." She's 3.


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

You bettcha it's a food group! This is a very fun painting...good job!

Mitzi Easley said...

Thanks Dana!