Monday, April 24, 2017

On Dust-Settling, an Etsy shop, & New Art

Greetings Friends,  It's good to be back.  The past few years have been busy -- Mr. Right and I have graduated one from college, launched one into college, and built our dream 'empty-nesting' house.  I've gone back to full-time school-marming, with plentiful time in the studio during evenings and weekends. I'm not candy coating it -- there have been some rough spots. And maybe we'll go into all that later but for now suffice to say, no surprise, the creative process continues to be a mainstay of joy in my life. And so let us commence with joy!

I want to show off a few things but first, drumroll please, I'm opening a new Etsy shop! Just like the blog, it's name is MitziEasleysStudio (Etsy doesn't allow spaces...).  There are links both in the column to your right and up at the top of the blog on a new tab named "SHOP."  I'm still setting things up, moving displays around, dusting and primping but please join me there!

To celebrate the shop opening, I've created a new series of little postcard-sized collage/paintings collectively called the Little Sisters.  They are soooo fun, a little bit quirky, and perfect for gift-giving.

Some have messages; some don't.  


Some are angelic.

Stay tuned; I'll post more.  Perfect on just a little easel.   Aren't they a tickle?


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Sarah said...

Love, love, love these little pieces, Mitzi!