Monday, September 23, 2013

One Thing Leads to Another

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Sometimes, when I need to loosen up or shake a mood or search for my muse, I make nutty collages. Always have. Inspired by the art of the day or a friend's favorite quote, I just grab whatever flotsam and jetsam are at hand and go for it.  Lately, it's been file folders.

It started over the summer as I was cleaning out files, getting ready for the school year.  I swiped a stack of 1/3-cut, standard manila file folders from Mr. Right and organized like mad.  At some point during my ship-shaping, folder met paint. And gesso. And stencils. And Adirondack sprays. And juicy inks. And Sharpies. And gel pens.

That was a dozen+ file folders ago. Sigh. Heaven.

I've been thinking about painting interiors again and this happened.

I've been adding quotes I sometimes think about I would want to remember while sitting in meetings.  Will I really take these folders to business meetings?  Probably not. 
I've also put a coat of sealer on them so they're tougher than your average bird.  
A quote on the inside too, a favorite of one of my twisted sisters.


Sarah said...

Oh, goodie! I love your paintings of interiors. Can't wait to see more. When are we meeting for coffee?
Mozart's is calling.............S

Sarah said...

Obviously late to comment on this, though I thought I had done so. Love the thought of you painting interiors again. '-) Let me know when you have some to see.
~ Sarah