Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gifts, Wrapped - Art Reflecting Life

Just for Laughs
oil on panel, 11x14, $250
double-click all images for larger views!
What is it with this sudden pop-culture-fascination surrounding the lowly mustache? I've heard 2013 is the Year of the 'Stache.  Don't you see them everywhere - from tiny tattoos to pacifiers to sunglasses to... well.... wrapping paper?  They make us smile and they sure were fun to paint!

Mustache? Moustache? Turns out both spellings are correct, the first being decidedly more American.


Laurel Daniel said...

Okay, where have I been? It has been WAY too long since I visited your blog, and WOW! I love the work you have been doing! These wrapped packages are delightful and spectacularly painted! And I loved seeing your other recent series... the paper dolls, the medium experiment. Love it all. Bravo to YOU!!! XOXOX

Sarah said...

I so love your sense of humor, Mitzi! Glad to see you posting. I miss you! ~ Sarah