Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The (Funny) Seasons of an Artist: More Cartoons Than Sketches

In pencil below my shell sketch: 
"I've put seashells all over the house - inside or out - to remind us all:
Almost time to go to the beach!"

I couldn't resist keeping all of these cartoons from Andre Francois's The Tattooed Sailor in my sketchbook nor can I resist posting them here for my artist/pals.  Funny, right?  The spot color on each "season" is mine. Can anyone explain "Spring" to me?  I just don't get it. What is that on the stool? 

Thanks to those emailing me - faithfully following along with this sketchbook and even making their own!  It keeps me scanning and Photoshopping - truly the bug of this project. If posting sketchbook spreads was truly something I was going to do long-term, I'd be putting a bigger scanner on my Christmas list!

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Sarah said...

These are priceless! ;-)