Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cooler Temps, Studio Windows Open, Music Turned Up, Artist Dancing

12x12, mixed media on cradled panel
email me for details
The hot weather is finally breaking here in Central Texas and the crisp morning air is invigorating.  For some reason, for me that translates to a yearning to spend more time in the studio. Yeah, like that's gonna happen....  it is definitely not the year for art. There is just too much other fun to have! This is the time for endless football and volleyball games/events and school volunteer jobs. This is the time to enjoy being with Shark Boy as he works towards college and with Lava Girl as she settles into high school.  It's a great time of life and I keep reminding myself that a daily art practice will come back around. Later, when our chicks have flown the nest.

In the meantime, these Paper Dolls are the perfect thing: easy to work a little at a time between commitments. And they feed my love for the energy that pattern and the printed word bring. I continue to be so impressed by the strong-yet-transparent qualities of the Fluid Acrylics and I love Vivian's map dress with the doily collar. 


Ann Gorbett said...

These paper doll gals are just lovely to look at. I also am loving her map dress and doily collar. Just wonderful Mitzi.

Jerry Stocks said...

Love all your Paper Doll paintings. They are so in keeping with all the wonderful new mediums(to me) that I am working with now that I am back in college full time and majoring in Studio Art. I will get back to painting too, but right now, homework comes first.

Sarah said...

Oh, am I happy to here the temps are cooling. ;-)
Winding down on our last week here in the French countryside. Thought of you so often as I encounter different vignettes.
The paper girls are charming! Big smiles from me, Mitzi. ~ Sarah

Jane Davies said...

LOVE this paper doll series!! And others.

Dana Cooper said...

Oh Mitzi, I am so excited for you! This paper doll series is so wonderful AND it looks like you are having such fun...congrats!