Saturday, November 21, 2009

Searching for the Gravy Boats

Preparing the Feast
18x18 oil on canvas
Painting stripes again - this is a remnant from a quilt top my mother-in-law made that I found among her things recently. Luckily we're having a crowd for Thanksgiving - the perfect excuse to use a few of her fall decorations. It was challenging to get the fabric to "sit down" rather than float above the table and I didn't even attempt the fabric patterns fearing I would get much too tight and fussy. Now, put away those brushes and go rattle the pots and pans. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Stephen Parker said...

Beautiful painting, Mitzi. I love the composition, among many other things. The colors of the sash are wonderful, it lays down perfectly, and its level of detail works perfectly for me, in regard to your comments. The gravy boat is beautifully painted, too.

Happy Thanksgiving.