Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rusty Tomatoes: How to See Values for Painting

Rusty Tomatoes
8x8 oil on panel
After not painting for…uhhh… awhile, it was amazing how rusty and stiff it felt when I finally shoveled everything else to the side and smooshed some color around today. I honestly don’t think it is my brushstrokes that are out of practice as much as my eyes; I couldn’t see the values at first.

So back to the ‘ole reliable method: Squint, Squint, Squint. I actually have a pair of really strong magnifying glasses just for this purpose. Truth be told, I had those green “cheaters” on half the day, trying to lose the detail and just get the values in the big shapes down correctly.

The little plate is one my mother-in-law lent me from her to-be-broken-for-mosaics stash. It's such a lovely color.

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