Sunday, October 1, 2017

New Little Sisters and New Media Combinations

I love to be inspired to combine media in new ways.  I recently took a workshop with artist Kate Thompson (via the Jeanne Oliver site).  Highly recommended! Kate is gracious and generous and her techniques are lovely.

Since, I've been madly combining watercolors (an old, trusted friend) with charcoal (we've had a few dates - nothing serious) and chalk paint (the new kid on my block).  I love the soft but still-washy effect that happens when the chalk is introduced to a watery mix.  Swoon...

I'm mostly working on my favorite watercolor paper (Fabriano Artistico, 140#, hot press) with a little vintage ledger paper thrown in for texture.

See what you think.  These have been added to the Etsy store.  Thanks so much to all who are looking and playing along!

Little Sister, No. 26
5x6", mixed media on paper

Little Sister, No. 29
5x6", mixed media on paper

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